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Individual coaching

Personal Coaching is one of the key fundamentals of Climbbetter. It gives you a more personal approach to training at a flexible timing.

A specific training plan created to work on your personal goals together with experienced coaches that will lead the sessions. 

Evening workshops

We offer movement & climbing technique workshops!

Indoor climbing workshops are designed for people looking to take the next climbing steps, or for folks who have hit a lull in their own climbing.

You will be taught a range of useful techniques in both climbing & bouldering. You will use some of these techniques every time you climb. Some will be more obscure, but nonetheless, useful body positions.


Rock climbing

The best is to climb outdoors!

The sun, rock, water, nature, nice people, movement and adrenaline. We will show you our world of rocks!

We will choose the appropriate climbing area and also a suitable route for you. 

You will learn how to climb the footholds and footsteps of no color :) . We will build up your rockclimbing methodics skills and safety.  Every climber loves to climb outside! It is time to start rockclimbing !


Routesetting and gym optimalisations

Professional approach and 20 years of experience

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