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Upgrade your climbing as fast as possible

Personal Coaching is one of the key fundamentals of Climbbetter. It gives you a more personal approach to training at a flexible timing.

A specific training plan created to work on your personal goals together with experienced coaches that will lead the sessions. 

Do you want to climb outdoors? Start here! 


  • Personalised private lessons for every individual (Ratio = 1 Coach: Maximum 4 Participants)

  • Join as an individual or a group of 4 pax

  • Learn to climb more effectively

  • tips for individual coaching : belaying for beginners, advanced  belaying  (lead course), fear managemnet, climbing techniques, rockclimbing skills, training for sport climbing etc.

  • Suitable for nonclimbers, beginners and also advanced climbers

  • Kids climbing and kids workouts

  • You don't speak slovak ? No problem, we speak english

         Advisable to sign up for at least 3 sessions to get the full benefits of coaching


  • 55 EUR  per person (excluding entry and rental fees)  / 2hours

         (Every other person +15 EUR. Maximum 1 coach: 4 persons).

  • 10 lessons - 499EUR

         (Every other person +130 EUR. Maximum 1 coach: 4 persons.)


  • Lezecká stena K2 Bratislava  ( plus 14 EUR  fee for the gym )

  • Block dock Bouldering gym Bratislava

  • Lezecka stena VERTIGO Bratislava

  • other places, outdoor climbing private lessons etc. on request ​

What to bring with you? 

  • sport clothing (hoody is necessary)

  • equipment (harness, climbing shoes, belaying device, rope (lead climbing), chalkbag)  

  • bottle of water

  • advisable to wear slippers with full front coverage 

  • elastic hair band for long hair 


Coaching on the rocks near Bratislava, suitable for beginners, advanced or pro climbers . 

  • Price  :  59 EUR / person  (minimum 2 persons). Each other person + 25 EUR 

  • place and date on request : Borinka, Dubravka, Bratislava, Little Carpathians and other in 2 hours proximity

  • Duration : 3 hours 

  • ​​Included : coaching, rockclimbing pro instructors, rockprotection - sling,  carabiners, quickdraws, ropes..., photodocumentation, programme, methodics etc...


Harness 3 EUR 

Climbing shoes 5 EUR 

Chalk bag 2 EUR

Belaying device 2 EUR

Whole set - 10 EUR

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