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One day coaching of climbing located on the sandstone named Kozel  (near Koryčany, CZ), which is also the nearest sandstone climbing area to Bratislava. 

We will teach you the know how of climbing this funny rock formation and you will enjoy the amazing sandstone structures. 

The adrenaline junkies are welcomed  :) 


  • Date :   10.9. start 9:30,  whole day of climbing coaching (till the evening)

  • Price : 99/day

  • Included : guiding&coaching, rockprotection, quickdraws, ropes, slings, carabiners etc..., methodics, programme, photodocumentation...

  • Place : Kozel (Korycany, CZECH REPUBLIC)

  • Great ratio instructor : climbers (max1:4)

  • It is needed to have climbing shoes and basic climbing equipment (possible also to rent) - harness, helmet, bealying device, chalk bag. It is highly recommended to have insurance. 

Harness 3 EUR 

Climbing shoes 5 EUR 

Chalk bag 2 EUR

Helmet3 EUR 

Belying device 2 EUR

set - 10 EUR

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